A successful launch!

Ein Bild, wie wir während unserer Pflanzaktion mit Menschen in Begegnung gehen

It was a wonderful atmosphere this Saturday in the Festsaal Kreuzberg. The whole place glittered and was magically decorated. Everywhere there were beautiful things to marvel at, and soul-warming scents filled the air.

For the Conscious Creators Festival a room was created that people could enjoy with all their senses.

Picture showing Shan Röhr and Marlene Peter planting seedlings at the festival
Future ‘Free Trees’

And we were there, with our planting station being the first stand in the hall, like a reception area for the visitors. In a circle, we had placed our stools around the pots with small maple seedlings, which were then planted into jute bags — trees for the Freiwald.

Choose the Future
We choose the Future — being active for climate protection

And it was a wonderful success! Not only did we gain many new members whose regular donations will enable us to reach our first milestone, we returned emotionally nourished by the richness of this event. Never before have I received so many spontaneous and warm-hearted hugs while sharing my dream project as I did on this day.

People feel the hope that our project brings — planting forests, protecting the climate.

I now look into the future, full of confidence. The first step has been taken. Now it starts!