Kick-off 2020

After an energetic and productive association meeting last weekend, we’ve started the new year full of energy.

Our first task was to start on the trees that were adopted or given in the lead-up to Christmas. We had already planted the saplings, so now we started on their clay pendants.

These trees will carry the names of the sponsors on these pendants until they are planted, and the sponsors will receive regular updates with photos. As soon as a tree is planted in our first ‘Freiwald’, this pendant will be placed next to the tree to remind us of who made this forest possible.

Tree sponsorships can be given as gifts for all occasions, and can also bear a date, such as a birth or wedding.

A photo of the little tree with the pendant will be sent to you or the recipient by post with a certificate.

Adopt a tree now, or give it as a present. ūüĆ≥