Freiwald Newsletter No. 1

Dear friends,

today you are receiving our first newsletter. That’s definitely an advantage that Covid-19 gives us — we now have time for desk work and it has to be done.

These are exciting times. A friend of mine spoke about the “big pause button”, which has now been pressed.

It is important for me to say that I do not want to belittle the suffering, loneliness and fear that many people are now facing, and they have my sympathy. And yet there are also positive aspects of this time.

For example, air traffic has fallen enormously and the atmosphere can now breathe a sigh of relief. There are also fewer people on the streets and so nature and animals are allowed to take up more of the space.

Right now a video is going around the world showing a playing deer on a deserted beach, which would normally be crowded with people.

Yesterday I was allowed to watch four squirrel children chasing each other up and down a tree in the Wiener Straße in Berlin, something that I believe would probably not have happened if the street had been taken over by pedestrians and cars. So they had the road to themselves and I was lucky to pass by on my bike at just the right time.

Consumption is also falling, which is a great relief for our planet.

I also hear of many examples of communities moving closer together, neighbourhood initiatives working to preserve their neighbourhood restaurants, and shopping for people who are quarantined or at risk.

Everything goes more slowly and the social pressure eases.

However, for us, as for so many others, it means that we cannot continue with our planned activities for the time being.

We are now 20 people who are saving together for the first piece of land, and we will continue as planned and see that in autumn we can free our first piece of land and start to make a small permaculture paradise out of it and plant our climate forests.

Of course we had hoped to gain many new supporting members through our planned cooking activities, planting campaigns, kindergarten and school visits, so that the area we can finally plant is as large as possible, but every area, no matter how large or small, will become an oasis, and will have a positive influence on the climate and will be a new habitat for wildlife.

If you want to help us grow a little bit despite the pandemic, so we can really get going afterwards, then there’s a very easy way to help — think about who in your family or circle of friends would be enthusiastic about the ideas of planting permaculture forests together and what they will do for the climate, creating free spaces without exchange logic, and creating food sources for humans and animals.

Then you are most welcome to tell them about the ‘Freiwald’ — the open forest — and that this is exactly what we intend to do. You could give them a copy of the membership application (see the attached file) which they can send to us (Freiwald e.V. Kaskelstraße 44 10317 Berlin) or send them the link to the donation page where the application can be found.

You can also forward this email or recommend our website,

Before Christmas, we started a ‘support a tree’ campaign, and many trees have already been adopted, or given to friends and family. Easter would be another good time to adopt a tree. The little maple, which are currently in our care and waiting for the first open forest area, are just getting their first leaves. The sponsors will receive a photo on a regular basis until we bring the trees to their new homes.

My dream is that one day (very soon) we will be able to have one, two or many, initially small, then larger areas in each state and that these areas will be transformed into stable, living biotopes through permaculture.

Every year we will organise permaculture camps on these sites, where we will teach the practices of permaculture with its 1000 little tricks, and take care of the areas together. These will be oases where birds, insects and other wild animals can find a home and food, and where the people of the surrounding area can experience the benefits of being in a place without the logic of consumption.

Let us make this dream a reality together.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting us, stay healthy and don’t let it get you down.


P.S. In the next few days the nominated amount will be debited from your accounts again. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds, otherwise our bank will charge us 10.50 € for each failed deduction. If your financial situation is not that good, please write us